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Just Drive


Driving gives you freedom! Not only do you control your own direction and destiny, your car’s a cocoon of sight, sound, and experience.

CarMagic ensures your ride’s safety and reliability, so you can drive confidently and carefree. Your Expert’s job …

Say farewell to the paper mess in your life


What to do with the multi-page paper invoices you collect at the end of each service visit? They represent substantial amounts of money, time, and expertise spent on fixing and keeping your car running great. Every car owner knows they’re …

Reliability Drives Admiration


Pride of ownership isn’t just about visual beauty; it’s also a reflection of the journeys taken, memories made, and the unique identity that your vehicle represents in your life’s story. Those experiences happened because your vehicle showed up and delivered, …

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas to you! Traveling and playing it safe during this festive season is crucial. If you’re hitting the road, remember to drive carefully and enjoy the journey. And if you’re using #CarMagic for your car care needs, you’re on …

Keep unwanted expenses off the starboard bow.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sail through life without unexpected challenges, expenses, and headaches? Owning a yacht, a car, or any other sophisticated machine means that’s pretty unlikely over the long run. Even new and well-maintained equipment …

A Revolution 20 years in the making, finally reaches auto care.


Predictions are rarely accurate, but few have been as wrong as the imminent arrival of digital car ownership. Sure, an owner’s app can schedule service at some dealerships and everyone gets text alerts and email reminders. However, paper invoices, phone …