Keep unwanted expenses off the starboard bow.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could all sail through life without unexpected challenges, expenses, and headaches? Owning a yacht, a car, or any other sophisticated machine means that’s pretty unlikely over the long run. Even new and well-maintained equipment has occasional failures. The risk of the unforeseen is just part of the ownership experience.

Owning a car, or a small fleet of them, presents a whole slew of potential risks to your time and pocketbook:
1. How do you keep your car well-maintained with everything going on in your life?
2. What if it breaks? What if you’re away from home? Where do you take it?
3. What’s wrong and how much should it cost?
4. How can you pay for it and be sure the work is done right?

CarMagic plans remove the risk and maximize your convenience. Our Experts schedule you at quality local shops and manage the whole process for you. You get peace of mind knowing your car gets its needed maintenance while all repairs and prices are vetted by an Expert. An affordable, trusted and effortless experience.

CarMagic keeps the Kraken at bay.

Visit for more info. If we don’t cover your zip code, message us directly and we will add you to our list after we establish a vetted network in your area.

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