The winding journey


Severe weather. Road rage. Traffic jams. Reckless drivers. Debris in the road.

Getting from point A to point B isn’t as straightforward as it should be. It’s almost 2024 – by George Jetson’s example, we should all have flying cars by now. Since they’re still a few years away, we rely on our trusty 4-wheeler to move us along our winding roads.

Drivers can reduce the risk of hazards on your journey with a car that’s ready for anything, and protection from the unexpected. Keeping it well maintained with a CarMagic plan ensures your car is:
1. Staying ahead of breakdowns
2. Operating at peak efficiency
3. Safe in all normal driving conditions
4. Protected by 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance

CarMagic prepares you and your car for the bumps and hazards of life’s twisty roads.

Visit for more info. If we don’t cover your zip code, message us directly and we will add you to our list after we establish a vetted network in your area.

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