Strut Bearing

A car strut bearing, also known as a strut mount or strut top bearing, is a component of a car’s suspension system that connects the strut to the car’s body and allows for smooth movement and rotation of the strut.
The car strut bearing is important because it helps reduce vibration and noise in the car’s suspension system, improves handling and steering response, and prolongs the life of the strut by reducing wear and tear.
The car strut bearing is a relatively modern invention and has evolved over time as automotive suspension technology has improved. The exact inventor of the modern car strut bearing is not known.
The car strut bearing should be replaced if it is worn out, damaged, or making noise. Signs of a failing strut bearing include clunking or banging noises when driving over bumps or uneven roads, steering wheel vibration, and uneven tire wear.
The car strut bearing is located at the top of the strut assembly, between the strut and the car’s body.
The car strut bearing works by providing a smooth surface for the strut to rotate on, allowing it to move freely and without friction. The strut bearing also helps absorb shocks and vibrations from the road, protecting the car’s suspension system and providing a smoother ride for the driver and passengers.