Rigid Axle

A Rigid Axle is a suspension setup where both wheels on an axle are interconnected and move together as a single unit. It’s commonly used in rear-wheel-drive vehicles.
Rigid Axles are used in certain vehicle configurations, often in trucks, SUVs, or off-road vehicles, due to their durability and load-bearing capabilities.
Rigid Axles are located at the rear or sometimes front of the vehicle, connecting both wheels to a single axle housing.
A Rigid Axle provides robustness, simplicity, and enhanced load-bearing capacity suitable for vehicles intended for heavy towing or off-road applications.
Vehicle manufacturers integrate Rigid Axles into designs for specific vehicle applications, prioritizing durability and load-carrying capacity.
Rigid Axles offer enhanced load-bearing capabilities and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications like towing or off-road driving.