Heater Hose

A car Heater Hose is a flexible rubber hose that connects the heater core to the engine’s cooling system.
It’s important that all parts of the engine cooling system, especially the coolant hoses, are in good working order to ensure the system can keep the engine from overheating.
The common signs of a faulty car Heater Hose include leaks, cracks, swelling, and a collapsed hose.
The car Heater Hoses are located between the engine and the firewall, where they are connected to the heater core.
Replacing a car Heater Hose is a relatively simple process, although some can be difficult to access. The old hose is removed by loosening the clamps and pulling it off the connections. The new hose is then slid onto the connections, and the clamps are tightened. It is important to use the correct size and type of hose for your vehicle, and to ensure a tight fit to prevent leaks.