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Today’s cars are really complicated machines! We’re here to help navigate the technical and often mysterious world of car maintenance and repair to make it effortless for you. Use our knowledge to understand the terms mechanics, shops, and car experts use in case you want to know.

More than 30% of US motorists will have a mechanical problem that requires professional repair this year – that’s roughly 100 million cars needing repair.

Source: Omega Auto Care

92% of American drivers admit to being late on their car’s maintenance. 54% say it’s because they’re too busy; 30% attribute their delay to anxiety and distrust around getting their car repaired.

Source: The Automotive Service Association (ASA)

Delaying needed maintenance like a wheel alignment can result in thousands of dollars of repairs, including new tires and suspension components. For the 25% of car owners who ignore car noise for more than a month, this can quadruple the cost of a repair.

Source: The Automotive Service Association (ASA)