Frequently Asked Questions

CarMagic is unlike anything that’s ever been offered to drivers before, so we expect you’ll have some questions.

AAA estimates the average car owner will spend $1,192 per year on maintenance and repairs for a new vehicle, and that figure rises every year the car is on the road. CarMagic Experts ensure you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t, and that all prices are fair. Depending on the car, a CarMagic plan will save the owner 15-40% on maintenance and repair costs each year (and we negotiate so you don’t have to).

Once you sign-up for a CarMagic plan, you can get help from your Expert to find a quality local shop if you have an immediate need, and manage the repair of a pre-existing issue and make sure it’s done properly and at a fair price. They’re available to answer any other questions that come up.

If your plan includes Roadside assistance, you can use it 72 hours after signing up. If your plan includes Maintenance and/or Repair coverage, your coverage begins 30 days or 1,000 miles after sign-up, whichever comes first. We schedule your first service appointment at least 30 days from the date of sign-up.

We schedule your car’s maintenance and repairs at a local CarMagic Approved shop. Using these in-network shops gets you the plan benefits where your financial responsibility is lowest. If you service your car outside the network of CarMagic Approved shops, you may be responsible for larger co-payments for all of the maintenance and repair services performed.

All CarMagic plans are administered and supported by Ensurety, which owns Omega Auto Care, an A+ rated (BBB) vehicle service contract administrator, and DriveAmerica, a 55-year-old nationwide motor club. Their commitment to customer service is demonstrated by their industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.

As long as you use the CarMagic app, all maintenance and repair claims are filed and paid automatically. You read that right – you never need to file anything. If you need reimbursement for a service outside the app, email us a copy of the invoice and we’ll reply in the app.
We currently offer plans in the San Francisco Bay Area and will be rapidly expanding to new metropolitan areas. Leave your location and email here and we’ll let you know when plans are available in your area.
CarMagic considers a check engine light being on, a vehicle not operating properly and a vehicle not maintained properly to be pre-existing conditions that will prevent the issuance of a plan for your car. If any of these conditions are present you must get them professionally repaired and the vehicle inspected before your vehicle is eligible for a CarMagic plan. Please be prepared to show paid, dated invoices for all work completed on your vehicle.
In the course of getting your vehicle inspected and maintained, the technician may discover a failed or broken part of the vehicle. If that failure was due to the vehicle not being maintained properly, like not getting regular oil and filter replacements, the technician or your Expert may determine improper maintenance caused the failure. If this is the case, the associated repairs may not qualify for coverage, unless you can provide the relevant service records to support that the maintenance work performed.
We ask you to input your mileage, provide a photo of your odometer, and provide your estimated annual mileage at sign-up. We use this information to establish your monthly rate and to schedule your service appointments. Vehicles driving more miles get more frequent service appointments; vehicles driving fewer miles get less frequent service appointments.
A warning light is a pre-existing condition and means you cannot get a CarMagic plan until the issue is inspected and resolved (along with all other pre-existing conditions). Your Expert will help you find a shop and schedule service to have this performed – after which you can qualify for a CarMagic plan.
Your plan specifically covers mechanical maintenance and repairs to your vehicle. Here is the list of what’s covered and what’s not. Our Experts can answer additional questions and can be reached at
After each visit a record of your service, including services performed and any payments made by you, will appear in the app within 24 hours of completion of the service visit. Your complete service record is available for each vehicle with a plan in the app – tap the service history icon for any vehicle in My Garage.
Your payment auto-renews every month or annually from the date of sign-up, depending on which payment frequency you choose.
When using roadside assistance, you’re responsible for towing and/or assistance fees in excess of $125 per incident. For maintenance and repairs, you are responsible for the uncovered portion of any repair or service.
  • The Platinum Plan provides

  • Routine maintenance
  • Brake pads and rotor replacement
  • Unlimited repair coverage ($50 deductible)
  • The Gold Plan provides

  • Routine maintenance
  • Brake pads replacement
  • 50% coverage of repairs up to $1,000 (parts & labor)
  • The Silver Plan provides

  • Routine maintenance
You must be up to date on your payments. If you’re late you’re at risk of not being covered. If your payment method on file is not working, you will not be able to schedule service or have CarMagic manage and apply coverage for any visits to a shop. Avoid this by using the autopay feature in the sign-up process.
As a Member of the Program, you may cancel your Membership at any time and receive a pro-rated refund of the Membership dues you paid, less any claims paid by us. You must call us to formally cancel your membership at 1-866-942-2762.
Yes, you can manage the service of all the vehicles in your family, up to 8, with alerts and reminders customized to your family’s preferences – everyone gets exactly what they need.
Absolutely not. We only ask for information required to sign-up for a plan and will contact you regarding the administration of any plans you’ve purchased. No robocalls, no hard sells.